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You walk into the forest, the undergrowth below your feet crunching as you walk quickly. The sun is setting and everything begings to fade into darkness. You try to hurry out and get home safely, but suddenly, a figure jumps out in front of you. You're not sure who would still be out at this time, but then again, you were roaming around right that second. The figure stands up, and you can see they are pretty tall. They step into the deep orange sunlight to reveal themselves. The person is a guy with pale skin and...deep blood-red eyes?! His scarlet eyes flash as he lunges at you. You blank out and when you wake back up, you find yourself still in the forest, but with newfound strength and power. What happens next? That's for you to decide.
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V.7: Journeying
The chaos plaguing the world is finally settling down, and a blanket of peace is draped delicately over all of the creatures, including humans. But, one night, five creatures, a Witch, three Werecats, and a Werewolf receive the same dream of a parallel world. They must team up to discover what lies there, and how to get there in the first place. What will they find at the end of the portal? Find out in... V. 7: Journeying.

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.:The Creatures:.
The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying} The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying} The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying}

The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying}
The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying}
[Untitled] The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying}
[Untitled] The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying}

[Untitled] The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying}
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The Vampire World  - The Vampire World {V.7: Journeying}

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